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``You feel better in yourself when people treat you with kindness and compassion``. Our mission is to bring the best quality care


Deo Gratias Clinic is an establishment that promotes the Holistic  art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health. We supports the principles of competent, compassionate, ethical care and excellent patient-physician communication.

It’s like family here in our Clinic.
Everybody treats patients like they are sisters, brothers.
When one is in distress, everybody are rush to help.
Everybody treats patients like they are sisters, brothers.


A fundamental concept that often seems to be lost in modern conventional medicine is the idea of biochemical individuality, i.e., that each patient is biochemically different from every other, which requires clinicians to explore the underlying causes of each patient's dysfunction in order to best treat them.


To give strength and hope, to cheer, ease grief or trouble.


Providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values.

Patient-centered care involves transforming the relationship between providers and patients from the traditional model, in which a care provider prescribes the same treatment for most patients with similar diagnoses or conditions, into a patient-provider partnership that considers treatment options based on a patient’s unique concerns, preferences, and values.

Patient-centered care is the practice of caring for patients (and their families) in ways that are meaningful and valuable to the individual patient.


Patients are treated with respect and dignity and have the opportunity to make informed decisions about their care and treatment, in partnership with their healthcare professionals.

Patients are involve in decision-making, recognizing they are individuals with their own unique values and preferences. Treat patients with dignity, respect and sensitivity to his/her cultural values and autonomy.

We take a holistic approach to improving physical comfort,  dignity, emotional support and alleviation of fear and anxiety and in friendly and welcoming environment without discrimination. Good communication means enabling both professionals and service users to communicate.











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  • FRA
    40 years old -

    I have never felt so good and and pain free in my life!

  • J.B.
    56 years old - T&T

    I was skeptical at first but after a treatment session, I felt great!!

  • H.P.
    65, male - TT

    Mine is a long story. having had a stroke and unable to move or help myself. Today I am in better position to help myself. Thanks to the hard working team!

  • A.P.
    83 -

    I came in with chronic pressure ulcers that were not healing. But I am glad to says all my ulcers have healed. The team here work hard to make me feel better.